Music’n Flowers


Dress made of pure organic cotton with revisited baby collar, vintage Parisian buttons and rear placket.

But the truly absurd thing about this dress is the art it contains. In fact, the dress was hand painted during an artistic performance in August for the Jazz Pedras et Sonus festival.

Size of the dress: 42-44


As a child, I saw my future in many different ways. I was one of the few girls who answered neither the teacher nor the mother to the fateful question of adults: "what do you want to do as a great beautiful child". I replied proudly: I want to be an artist. During the whole part of my life in school I was scolded (sometimes rightly) for isolating myself to draw, read, wander with the imagination instead of listening. Some professors told me I would never do anything. I was one with my head in the clouds, on the other hand. I've always been a person who dreamed and did it big. Sometimes dreams are scary. Still, if I went back, maybe ... I'd do worse. The adrenaline that art unleashes in you is inexplicable. And I'm proud I never gave up. Of not having given up for fear of failure or for a life of security. Take your life and make it a masterpiece. Always.

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42, 44


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