Alpaca & Wine


The ALPACA & WINE coats are perhaps the garments that bring out my Vintage soul and the love for the past years.

What was a scruffy look in the 70s, has acquired verve and importance over time.

It is visible the connection between the different eras that I am passionate about. 

In fact, the mix between the 70-80-90s is evident.

I put all my memories and passions here. The choice of vintage brocade represents that uniqueness typical of the ancient garment, unreproducible because its time has now vanished, despite its beauty remains timeless. The oversized line seems to take us back to that mom or grandma coat you pull out of the trunk and make yours.

I would like this for you.

May what you buy become part of you and make you feel unique, without experiencing that annoying feeling of finding someone on the street with your clothes. 

You are unique and this garment was created for the one who will feel it most hers among you.

All those that will be created following his line will be similar, but never the same!

Technical specifications length 100 cm from the waist pearl gray alpaca hair / burgundy wool herringbone viscose lining insert sleeves and bottom coat in vintage 70s brocade concealed pockets waist belt shawl neckline size worn: 42 oversize PERSONALIZATION This garment is one of a kind. Unique and unrepeatable. The model can be reproduced but with other fabrics. If you want a custom garment write me!

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Grigio Perla, Vinaccia


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