No great project is born from a simple intuition. 

To create something we need to be surrounded by motivations, colors, sounds. 

We need to be open to the world. Creating is a process.

The idea

We often wonder what an idea comes from. I always like to define ideas as a centrifuge of elements in which we find our way. That common thread is our primary idea which we then branch into accessory micro ideas.

This is how the idea of ​​a collection born.

The project

Once the mood and inspiration of the collection, or of the garments to be made, are defined in our heads, I necessarily feel the need to write down some designs.

Meanwhile, I always like to do some tests to see if my idea stands up.

My reality

There is a lot behind what you see and touch. There are patterns that are thrown away. There are hands pierced with pins and sleepless nights thinking about the best way to finish that fundamental detail of the dress.

But then, when I see my dress worn by each of you, each in a different way, I realize that all that work is the key to success.

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