We are more than two months in quarantine. I don’t count the days, because for me it would be even worse.

I have resigned myself to the idea of ​​producing something new, ideas don’t come and honestly I don’t even take it as a negative thing, quite the contrary. I’m studying, trying to broaden my knowledge and planning for the long term, because in days like these, either you plan something or you die a little inside.

Despite this preamble, many have asked me how I behaved towards the production of masks and why I did not start making them after 50 for a well-known Covid hospital in Cagliari. The answer has always been that I didn’t want to speculate on a bad situation like this and that, at the same time, I couldn’t afford to use all my fabric stocks to create for free masks. 

More or less 30 days have passed since that day when I closed myself in the lab to do good. But today the rules are different. You can almost breathe the air of phase 2, a phase in which everyone will have to preserve themselves but above all preserve the health of others, using masks. 

The fundamental requirement that the masks must have is to not let the droplets of saliva pass while we speak, sneeze or cough.

They have to filter our own air, because alas, we could be carriers of the virus and not know it. 

So I pulled out from all my medical friends and relatives (whoever knows me knows that I am surrounded by them) all the useful tips to produce, in total safety for those who buy them, reusable masks, which help us but also the planet, allowing us to wash and sanitize them without having to throw them away every time after use.

So I decided, starting tomorrow, to let you find the possibility to order the masks directly from the shop, hoping to come and meet you if you don’t find any in the pharmacy. 

The masks will have a low cost (6 Euros), because they will not be sold with the intention of making money, but simply with the intention of having something on your face that does not make you feel too uncomfortable, that you like it and that represents you. They will obviously be made with natural materials and with leftovers from collection fabrics. They will be double-layered with an internal pocket to put the filters that you can buy at the pharmacy, making them even more efficient and safe.

There will be both for adults and for children and will be customizable with drawings and writings that can be washed even at low temperatures with the addition of sanitizers, while the single-colored ones can be washed at 90 degrees.

In short, from tomorrow, if you want, this extra service will be available.

Know that each order will make sure to keep a designer busy and active who feels pretty useless at the moment!

I really hope it will be a welcome thing and I can’t wait to do something for you!

I hug you


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