Alessandra Curreli

Fashion Designer

“My experience as a designer was formed thanks to the fundamental stages that allowed me to broaden my knowledge and build my style.

From Cagliari to Milan, from Milan to Rimini, passing through important companies such as that of Antonio Marras who left a strong imprint on me, visible in some of my collections.

Now I divide myself between Milan and Cagliari trying to conciliate my two passions: teaching fashion and creating dreams.

Not just fashion collections, but more a fusion of craftsmanship, tradition and innovation.

Sardinian traditions blend with the typical crafts of the whole island.

In each piece all the passions that have, slowly, created my style coexist: the nature from which I capture colors and scents; history and tradition because in fashion nothing is created without a background; vintage and second hand, because in a world so full of already existing beautiful products it is not necessary to create others that we could simply modify.

“As a child, I saw my future in many different ways. When I was asked as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer has always been only one: I want to become an artist.

In the course of my training I have lost many people precisely because of being a person who dreamed and did it big.

Sometimes dreams are scary.

But I’m proud I never gave up. Not having given up for fear of failure or for a life made of security. Take your life and make it a masterpiece. Always.”

Production focuses on the sale of high-end products made entirely by hand, including made-to-order and tailor-made, using mainly Sardinian and eco-sustainable products.

Finally, the Covid emergency has changed my prospects, making my desire to devote myself to online sales to which I have dedicated myself in the last year, which is slowly growing, stronger. The goal is to make made-to-measure usable directly from home by following a few small tips on taking measurements in total autonomy, giving anyone the opportunity to order tailor-made garments without any stress.”

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