The strength of Alessandra Curreli comes from the union of different realities that coexist in the territory, which, associated in a mix of contrasts, make up every single garment.

The most important thing about this fabric is the choice of yarns, all natural, which give the fabric greater value.


The “Punti e Linee” woven fabric represents the history of the 2018 collection and the nascent brand. The old that blends with the new, tradition with the trend.


The 100% handmade knitwear and embroidery line was born from the meeting with Sabina Scattu.


When two creative minds meet, something special born.

The collaboration with Luana of My Pet Design was a challenge: create something together by enhancing each other’s peculiarities.

This is how the little dress and skirts were born, based on the idea of ​​wearing the main essence of Luana’s brand, love for animals, using brocades with prints of dogs and cats in pure British style!


Artistic collaboration with the creators of Cultína: artlab + talks Fiammetta and Ilaria, two young entrepreneurs and art curators.

Cultína is an experimental artistic laboratory and a workspace, but also a production and meeting place dedicated to artists, students, amateurs and lovers, where art can become an opportunity for comparison, relationship and inclusion

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