It is not easy to talk about the things that scare us.

It never is.

When Italy began this long journey, we asked ourselves what would become of professions like mine, linked to art, creativity, “NOT” consumer goods.

We are getting used to a different life, with slower rhythms and that we certainly never expected until a few weeks ago.

It’s been 11 days of quarantine and it seems like a lifetime. Sometimes I wonder what it will be like to return to “normal” life. But what, after all, is normality?My norm was to go to the Lab, pull out my projects and lock myself inside my 29sqm, forgetting everything. Forgetting the world outside my door. This has definitely changed. I have not been able to create for 8 days. For 8 days, the more I try to give vent to my imagination the less I can. That’s why, then, I’m dedicating myself to something else; to my Academy lessons to prepare for my students who continue to savor a semblance of reality in a situation that seems truly unreal and like a post apocalyptic film; I dedicate myself to cooking, which reactivates that little bit of color in a world of gray. I started sharing more thoughts and words, which I am usually quite associative.

I started video calling my nephew and my sister, because I don’t want to miss even a moment of her growth.

I picked up a book again, enjoying the time I couldn’t dedicate myself before, rediscovering writing and the pleasure of putting pen to paper the thousand thoughts that run through my head.

You see, when I design an item of clothing, I express my feelings, my joys and my anxieties.

And I express them all there.

They come out with their colors, with their shapes and express my state of mind. Now I wait to understand what my state of mind is, which is why I can’t translate my feelings into clothes. Definitely the words come out first right now. At a time when people need to feel close in a world that has to be at a distance, words help us feel less alone and discouraged.

The moments will come again when flowers, colors and lines will come out.

For now I can only tell you that we are all, more or less, in the same situation and that this will help us to restart more loads than before.

Do things you couldn’t do before. Take some time. Rediscover the pleasure of small things.

And if you need it and if you like, ask for help. Speak. Confront and do not close in on yourself.

I hug you,


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